Study In Sweden

Study In Sweden

Sweden - A nation with thousands of islands and lakes, with its vast cities and medieval themed architectures. Dark December spread with dreams of white. The northern lights dance across the skies, wintery midnights and illuminated months of summer.

With its white sandy beaches and mighty mountains. A temperate region which suits everyone.

Importance to study in Sweden

Freedom to roam; Sweden is blessed with four distinct seasons. Days are short during winter and thick snow blanket which covers across the country. Summer in Sweden is really warm and can go up to 25 degrees Celsius in July. Sweden is also famous for its culture and festival. The cost of living in Sweden is quite high particularly in Stockholm which is its capital. However, salaries offered in Stockholm are higher than other areas. Apartments in Sweden are quite high depending on the size of the property.

Part time jobs are also offered in Sweden during study with a good salary. Stockholm offers the best out of all. Yearly higher education fee in Sweden varies depending on the university program. Universities offer both full and partial scholarships in the form of tuition waves for international students.

Why here?

  • Offers masters in Government universities.
  • Give some of the best scholarships.
  • Offers work while study, both part-time and full time.
  • Accepts age gap.
  • Travel without visa.
  • 100% free education for international students in public universities.
  • Free admission loans are also offered.


  • Offers free education for international students.
  • Free admission loans are also offered.

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